Yll, was identified in all samples in the highest percentage, in particular inside the August sample, where its content was 14.20 of all detected compounds [1]. This compound was detected inside the lowest concentration inside the June sample (two.9 ), but in the subsequent two months its content was almost 2 and 5-fold higher. El Amrani Zerrifi et al. [21] confirmed the domination of phytol in C. tamariscifolia from their study, at the same time as Bouzidi et al. [13] in C. sedoides. Other dominant components from the chemical class of alcohols were oleyl alcohol and n-nonadecan-1-ol, for which the common quantity enhance for the duration of the collecting months was recorded. The presence of oleyl alcohol inside the Could sample was not confirmed, even though its content material in June was 0.68 , in July 5.76 , and in August practically six . Alternatively, the share of n-nonadecan-1-ol was 1.67 in May possibly, three.13 in June, four.13 in July, and 4.34 in August, and a rise in its concentration during the collection periods could be noted. The good influence of unsaturated alcohols around the all round aroma and sensory perception of meals has been previously reported [2]. The share of ketones was 9 inside the May sample, 13 inside the August sample and 17 inside the July sample, although the lowest amount was located in the June sample (only 2 ). Amongst detected compounds, (E)-4-(2,six,6-trimethyl-1-cyclohexen-1-yl)-3-buten-2-one (ranging from 0.53 to 5.41 ) and six,ten,14-trimethyl-pentadecan-2-one (ranging from 0.75 to five.98 ), have been identified inside the highest amounts. It is actually fascinating to note that the amounts plus the variations in their content among samples for both compounds followed the identical trend: July August (five.72 and five.41 , respectively) Might (2.76 and 2.58 , respectively) June. Bouzidi et al. [13] also reported the identification of six,ten,14-trimethyl-pentadecan-2one in C. sedoides. Among other detected ketones, substantial amounts of Aztreonam custom synthesis tridecan-2-one and dec-1-en-3-one were found. The very first element was detected within the highest amount inside the July sample (0.67 ), though the other one particular was found inside the May possibly sample (0.42 ). The July sample was also wealthy in monoterpene ketone geranyl acetone (0.70 ). Among all detected compounds, aldehydes, that are critical odor compounds, have been detected inside the lowest percentages in all samples (1 ), with only a few compoundsMolecules 2021, 26,9 ofpresent at a percentage above 0.ten . Aldehydes with low molecular weight are related with unpleasant aroma, though those with higher molecular weight are responsible for sweet and fruity notes [2]. Tridecanal was dominant in all samples ranging from 0.37 in June to 0.81 in July. Tetradecanal was located in the highest amount in August (0.20 ), though its presence in June was not confirmed. On the other hand, (Z)-undec-4-enal was discovered in the May sample at a percentage of 0.36 , when in other samples it was not detected. The share of esters within the first two collecting months was equal (10 ), when in July and August it was drastically reduced, at six and four , respectively. The dominant ester was methyl arachidonate, together with the highest amount found in the May perhaps sample (4 ). Its content was substantially lower in June (two.49 ), July (1.55 ), and August (1.74 ). Other benzoic acid esters had been also identified in higher amounts in all samples, in particular tetradecyl ester in the June sample (four.37 ). The highest content material of other esters, PX-478 Technical Information namely pentadecyl and tridecyl benzoate, have been detected in samples harvested in June. Ultimately, it can be fascinating to note that all these compou.

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