Erate at 2.4 GHz, correspon slot length eight.five mm and width 1 mm. The
Erate at two.four GHz, correspon slot length eight.5 mm and width 1 mm. The simulated S11 is shown in Figure 5.Electronics 2021, 10, x FOR PEER Review Electronics 2021,2021,x FOR PEER Assessment 10, ten, 2766 Electronics6 ofFigure five. Simulated return loss (S11) single-band slotted square antenna. Figure five. Simulated return loss (S11 ) on the of the single-band slotted squareFigure five. Simulated return loss (S11) from the single-band slotted square antenna. antenna.Figure six shows the surface existing distribution for the created single-band antenna tenna at two.four observed is observed in the existing along for the turned around at two.4Figure six GHz. It the surface present distribution the X-axisdeveloped the X-axi GHz. It’s shows from this figure that this figure that the existing along single-ba tenna at 2.4 GHz. It can be observed fromlengthfigurepatch. length in the patch. X-axis the vertical slots and increasedandeffective this ofeffective the existing along the around the vertical slots the improved the the thatFigure 6 shows the surface existing distribution for the created single-baround the vertical slots and improved the helpful length of your patch.Additionally, the simulated 2D and 3D radiation patterns at two.4 GHz are shown in Additionally, the simulated 2D and 3D radiation patterns at 2.four GHz are s Figure 7. It has been noted that the proposed antenna obtain with FR-4 substrate is significantly less than 0Figureaddition,been simulated 2Dgain reduction is due topatterns at 2.4 substrate sh dB,In 7. the directivitynoted dB. This and 3D radiation obtain with FR-4 GHz are is even though It has the = four.72 that the proposed antenna the low performance of Figure although thesubstrate. The= four.72 dB. Thisovercome utilizing high-quality dielectric carry out 0 low-cost FR-4 directivity low obtain may be get reduction with FR-4 substrate is le thedB, 7. It has been noted that the proposed antenna gain is due to the low material suchtheRT Duroid 5880.four.72 dB. antenna can be overcome working with with all the 0 the low-cost FR-4 substrate. The low gainis made on thisdue towards the low carry out dB, even though as directivity = A further This gain reduction is substrate high-quality d parameters:such2.2, RT DuroidThe low get could be = 0.0009 to prove the notion. the VBIT-4 In Vitro low-costr FR-4 thickness = 1.six mm, An additional antenna is made on this substrate material = as substrate. 5880. and loss tangent overcome applying high-quality di The patch dimensions are optimized to operate at the similar two.4 GHz frequency as: patch material24 mm,slot 2.two, thickness =and slot width =lossmm. A little 0.0009 tosubstrate w such r RT Duroid 5880. 1.six mm, and four.5 tangent = boost within the parameters: as = length = 9.4 mm, A different antenna is designed on this prove the length = parameters:is r = two.two, thicknessdecrease in the dielectrictangent =The simulated S11 the c The patch observed resulting from optimized to and loss the same two.4 GHz frequency patch length dimensions arethe = 1.6 mm, operate AS-0141 Purity & Documentation atconstant. 0.0009 to prove and patch 24 mm, slot are optimized to operate atwidth = four.5 mm. Afrequency because the 2D radiation patterns of this antenna are shown in Figure 8. A substantial boost of increa length = dimensions length = 9.four mm, and slot the same two.4 GHz small three.95 dB inside the obtain observed as a result of mm, and slot the dielectric constant. The simu length = 24 mm,isslot length = 9.4 the reduce inwidth = four.five mm. A little improve patch length is 2.4 GHz. Figure 6. Existing distribution for single-band slotted square patch antenna at two.4 GHz.Fig.

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