A non-circumcised guy and you are like, oh perhaps he’s
A non-circumcised guy and you are like, oh maybe he’s larger threat, so I’ve to use a condom R: No, no, no, no. You understand I can not say that circumcised men are protected from STIs. Trigger possibly the circumcised man is HIV infected though the uncircumcised man is not. (23 year-old Luo lady) Not knowing a man’s HIV status was explanation enough for some girls to disregard circumcision status and encourage condom use. R: … if I do not know their [HIV] status, undoubtedly I have to inform them to make use of a condom, whether they may be circumcised or not. Because you cannot judge whether one is HIV constructive or HIV adverse. (24 year-old Luhya woman) No respondents indicated that they would engage in higher-risk sexual activity, such as stopping condom use, mainly because a man was circumcised. Nevertheless, two females said that immediately after learning aboutMale Circumcision and Understanding of HIV and STI SusceptibilityTwenty-two women (73 ) knew that circumcised guys had a decrease risk for contracting HIV and STIs. There was not a clear sense among respondents regarding the percentage of risk reduction that MC supplied, with only two respondents being aware of that there was around a 60 reduction in HIV transmission from girls to men and two respondents erroneously stating that MC provided total protection against HIV. 3 females didn’t know about the lowered danger for guys contracting HIV and five had heard of such a partnership but didn’t think it to become accurate. Respondents learned about MC’s reduced risk of contracting HIV and STIs from husbands, boyfriends, AIDS service organizations, television, radio, church, friends, and teachers. Respondents’ reported that MC lowered the risk of HIV transmission by not permitting “dirt”, “diseases”, or vaginal fluids to exist under the foreskin. As a result with circumcised men, because there is no foreskin, there would be no such hidden dirt and SSTR1 MedChemExpress illnesses, lowering a woman’s risk of contracting HIV and STIs. R: I think a circumcised man he’s clean. And this uncircumcised 1 he’s dirty. … The dirt is now remaining on the foreskin. I: … so what does it mean to become cleanPLOS 1 | plosone.orgWomen’s Male Circumcision BeliefsR: As when he’s circumcised I believe he can’t, he’s absolutely free from these STIs. And this 1 who is not circumcised I believe he can speak to these STIs really rapid. (26 year-old Luo woman) Some ladies mentioned that circumcised men were free from STIs and HIV, equating circumcision status with damaging HIV or STI status. What I hear about it [male circumcision] is that it’s extremely beneficial to males. Like I do hear that guys who’re circumcised, there is certainly no possibilities of them to contract HIV or these other STIs, like candidiasis, for the reason that the foreskin is not there (29 year-old Luo woman) In some instances women’s know-how of MC’s protection against HIV and STIs directed their sexual companion selection based on circumcision status, thinking that it would lower their chance of contracting illnesses. I: And say you get some man who’s not circumcised, what will you do R: You tell him that circumcision is good, a circumcised particular 5-HT3 Receptor Agonist custom synthesis person has much less probabilities of receiving infected with these illnesses, these minor ailments. I: And if he nonetheless refuses R: If he refuses you just leave him. (27 year-old Luo woman)circumcised I can not be a hundred percent if they’re genuinely taking care on the individual hygiene. … I: So you favor which R: I choose a man who is circumcised. (24 year-old Luhya woman) In some situations ladies did not describe why they preferred circumcised guys but rather d.

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